Have your treatment to our chiropractor direct billed to your insurance company.

We are able to direct bill chiropractor appointments to most major insurance companies, SGI and WCB.

Let us do the insurance paperwork!

It is usually as simple as providing us with your health plan benefit card for us to direct bill chiropractor treatments and we look after the rest. In almost all cases the insurance company will pay us directly and if you plan covers 100% of your treatment it costs you nothing out of pocket.

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The one thing we have heard the most over the years is that "many health care providers do not spend enough time with me." It is our goal to ensure you get the quality time you and your condition needs during your chiropractic appointment. Let us provide you with the quality healthcare that you deserve, and have your chiropractic direct billed.

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Q: Is Chiropractic Treatment Beneficial?

A: Through clinical research and scientific studies the evidence found that chiropractic treatment is a very safe and very effective treatment for the relief of low back pain, neck pain, headaches as well as many other spine related conditions. Plus, treatment from a chiropractor has proven to also be to be beneficial for other areas of the body such as foot problems, knee, ankle, hip and shoulder related problems. Our chiropractor will give you individual care by reducing your level of pain and dysfunction and decreasing disability.

Q: Why Should I See A HealthWorks Chiropractic Doctor?

A: People from all areas of life including nurses, physicians, adult and youth athletes, office workers to stay at home parents, young and elderly, could benefit from our chiropractor to improve their health and overall well being. Patients often seek treatment from a Chiropractor for general problems or pain in their joints and spine spine or specific back or neck problems, Headaches or migraines and the pain they inflict may be the relief that patients are seeking with their visit to the chiropractor. Often, patients find that in order to keep themselves performing at their best, regular chiropractic treatment is the answer for them.

Q: What Will My Chiropractic Treatment Consist Of?

A: Dr Khan is a licensed chiropractic doctor and will provide you with the following in your chiropractic appointment A thorough consultation and review of your medical history, history of your problem and relevant information. A physical examination including comprehensive analysis testing and palpation to help diagnose the cause of your specific pain or problem. Referral for more in depth diagnostic testing including ultrasound or x-ray to better determine what the underlying cause for your symptoms are. Diagnosis your condition and help you understand why you are experiencing your symptoms. If it is found that your condition is best suited to a different form of treatment, Dr. Khan may provide you with a referral to a different healthcare provider. Chiropractors look to provide their patients with an integrated, multi-disciplinary and approach for their patients. They can and will refer you to advanced medical specialists when your condition requires it. You will receive prognosis for your condition that takes into consideration your overall level of health, job and associated aggravating factors, lifestyle concerns including your level of exercise and stress in your life. Monitor and assess the ongoing progress in your overall health and how you are responding to chiropractic treatment. As required you will receive therapeutic exercises, recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle changes to enhance your overall health and promote an active lifestyle, through patient-focused treatment and care.

Q: Do Chiropractic Treatments Go On Forever?

A: The health and condition of every patient is different. The treatment plan will take into consideration many things such as lifestyle, your age, health history and medical conditions, prior and current injuries, and so on. Some patient's treatment plans will requires only a single or couple of treatments, Others will require them to return for several treatments or a series of treatments times, while some patients may need ongoing care. Often, people will only come to see their chiropractic doctor a few times if the problem flares up and they are experiencing acute pain. Other patients want to have regular treatments for their wellness and preventative care. The choice of treatment always remains with you for the duration and for how often you benefit from chiropractic adjustment.

Q: Do All Patients Get The Exact Same Treatment?

A: Not at HealthWorks Chiropractic Regina Ave. location, every patient will receive individualized treatment that is based on their diagnosis and condition Your treatment will be yours, and depends on many factors. You may receive ultrasound, TENS, IFC, K-taping, or even an orthotics prescription or recommendation of bracing.

Q: What Is The Education Process For A Doctor Of Chiropractors Educated?

A: Same as you medical doctor or dentist, a chiropractor is a primary healthcare provider and you DO NOT need a referral for chiropractor treatment. A minimum of eight (8) years of university level study and training plus successful completion of board exams are required to become a licensed chiropractor doctor. As is the standard with most licensed healthcare providers, chiropractors require the completion of an undergraduate degree to qualify to apply to a chiropractic college. Doctors of chiropractic will have at least 4,600 hours of education that include classroom instruction, clinical science as well as a clinical internship. Proficiency in the following areas are obtained through their rigorous and intense training:

Basic sciences, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, clinical sciences and X-ray diagnosis. Specialized training in the science and art of chiropractic treatment. Hands-on practice (manual medicine) through clinical internship.

Q: Is It Safe To Have Your Neck Adjusted?

A: Chiropractic adjustments have been found to be very safe. Recent research has examined the incidence of cervical (neck) manipulation and incidents of things like stroke or other vascular incidents. There are cases of stroke associated with both chiropractor and medical doctor visits reported. Research and scientific evidence does not establish a cause and effect relationship between chiropractic treatment and the occurrence of stroke, rather, recent studies indicate that patients may be consulting health care providers (medical doctors and chiropractors) when they are in the early stages of a stroke. The possibility of such injuries occurring in association with a cervical adjustment is extremely remote.

Q: Do Risks Exist With Chiropractic Treatment?

A: As with many treatments, including massage physiotherapy or even exercise, risk does exist. Some people might experience an aggravation of their symptoms for a short period of time. Although there have been reports of strains to muscles and ligaments from manual therapy, they are rare. Reported injury to discs following cervical and lumbar spinal adjustments are also rare. No scientific evidence has concluded that such injuries are caused, or may be caused, by spinal adjustments or other chiropractic treatments. Infrequent reports of skin irritation or burns from ultrasound or heat packs from physical therapy treatments are also noted and there treatments are offered by some chiropractic doctors.

Q: Do I See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident?

A: After a motor vehicle accident, you should make an appointment chiropractor to have your condition and injuries diagnosed, assessed and treated. With all injuries, when you wait too long to seek treatment, it often requires more treatment and more time for you to fully recover from your injuries.

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